Meet Your (Presumptive) FMCSA Administrator

President Biden has tapped Meera Joshi to lead the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).  Joshi, who was already confirmed as Deputy Administrator and has been serving as the agency’s acting administrator since January, brings a wealth of transportation administration experience to the agency tasked primarily with ensuring the safety of the nation’s motor carriers, and those who share the road with them. Joshi previously served as CEO and commissioner of the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC), where she had regulatory oversight of the city’s 130,000-strong private passenger fleet. 

Joshi’s tenure at TLC was marked by significant progressive initiatives that saw the agency’s focus shift in response to the changing landscape brought upon by the rise of ride-share services. Under her leadership, TLC mandated that ride-share operators provide aggregated granular trip data to be used by the public and policymakers.  She was vital in the creation and implementation of the nation’s first law mandating a minimum wage for app-based drivers. She also led one of the nation’s largest accessibility initiatives by mandating increased access to for-hire services for persons with disabilities.  She is a lawyer, and a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania.  

While the Biden administration has not yet announced its key priorities for the FMCSA, it is clear that Joshi’s experience overseeing the nation’s largest private for-hire ground transportation industry will inform her perspective.  Her strong interdisciplinary approach and broad range of experience in overseeing complex transportation industries should prove invaluable as she takes the helm of the FMCSA.  

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