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ATLP was organized in 1929 as the bar association of the former Interstate Commerce Commission. The association has evolved through the years to include all practitioners in the transportation law profession, covering all modes. It includes practicing transportation attorneys, government officials, company counsel involved in transportation, industry practitioners, and others.



ATLP 92nd Annual Meeting Webinar Series

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, ATLP has transitioned the 92nd Annual Meeting to be held virtually as a webinar series. presenting timely discussions among industry experts in the transportation law community to provide YOU with the best and most current information to support you in your practice. We are still hard at work bringing the topics and presenters together, so please check back regularly.

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Our association has taken the lead in working with federal transportation regulatory agencies to develop standards of expertise for those who seek to represent others before those agencies.



Membership in the association puts you in contact with other members of the transportation law profession and persons interested in logistics and transportation policy.

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