About ATLP

Mission Statement

The Association of Transportation Law Professionals (“ATLP”) is an independent nonprofit organization of transportation professionals. Its purpose is “to equip its members with the necessary tools to be vital resources for their companies, firms, customers and clients who compete in a constantly changing and increasingly global transportation and logistics marketplace.

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Guiding Philosophy


We value, above all, our ability to serve our members.

We are committed to the highest standards of professional conduct.

In light of the changing Transportation and Logistics environment, we are committed to providing our members with timely information, ideas, and opportunities for professional interaction to enable them to serve their customers and clients better.

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History & Organization

On May 1, 1929, the Interstate Commerce Commission (“ICC”) announced the formation of its Bar by including an addition to its Rules of Practice requiring the registration of all regular practitioners. A practitioner was any person found to be of good moral character and who was an attorney admitted to practice before the highest court of any state or territory or the District of Columbia or any person who was not an attorney and was a citizen or resident of the United States and who proved to the ICC that he possessed the necessary legal and technical skills to enable him or her to practice before the Commission. In 1938, the Commission modified its policy of permitting non-attorneys to practice before it by requiring that non-attorneys demonstrate their technical competence by passing an examination administered by the Commission. In 1955, the non-attorney qualification was raised further by requiring a two-year minimum of college education.

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Other LInks

Bylaws (PDF)