ATLP 92nd Annual Meeting Webinar Series

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ATLP's 92nd Annual Meeting webinar series presents timely discussions among industry experts in the transportation law community to provide YOU with the best and most current information to support you in your practice. This is a CLE program. Accreditation is based on the requirements of each individual State Bar/MCLE commission. 

CLE Program (Virtual)
Tuesdays at 2 PM – 4 PM EDT
May 25 – June 29, 2021







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ATLP 92nd Annual Meeting Schedule

May 25, 2021

(2 CLE hours)

2:00 PM: New Administration
With Joe Biden’s election and with Democrats in control of both Houses of Congress for the first time in over a decade, significant changes in Federal policies and priorities are in the works that will have profound implications for the transportation industry. We will provide an insider’s view and discussion of the important changes that are underway or anticipated over the coming months.
        David Hirsh, Dentons LLP, Washington, DC
        Charles Small, Deputy Assistant Secretary – Intergovernmental Affairs
        Ronce Almond, Senior Counsel, Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation
        Alexander Simpson, Counsel, Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation


3:00 PM: Passenger Rail
Join us in a discussion of noteworthy regulatory and transactional developments, including major transactions in New Jersey and Virginia that unlock significant long-distance, intercity, and commuter service development potential; an update on the DC-Baltimore maglev proposal; and progress on high-speed rail. As the priorities of the new Administration emerge, we will address anticipated changes to policy and law affecting passenger rail.
Allison I. Fultz, Kaplan Kirsch & Rockwell LLP, Washington, DC
Ayelet Hirschkorn, Senior Director Contracts & Claims, NJ Transit, Newark, NJ
Charles A. Spitulnik, Kaplan, Krisch & Rockwell LLP, Washington, DC
Terence M. Hynes, Sidley Austin LLP, Washington, DC


June 1, 2021
(2.5 – 3.0 CLE hours)

2:00 PM: Ethics Presentation: Thomas B. Mason, Harris, Wiltshire & Grannis LLP, Washington, DC

3:00 PM: What Keeps You Up At Night?
The General Counsels of various transportation-related agencies in the federal government will discuss the regulatory issues that keep them up at night and the impact (if any) that the change in administrations has had on the regulatory challenges faced by their respective agencies.
Wayne Rohde, Cozen O’Connor LLP, Washington, DC
Craig Keats,  General Counsel for Surface Transportation Board
Steven Andersen, General Counsel, Federal Maritime Commission
Lorelei Peter, Deputy Chief Counsel (Acting), Federal Aviation Administration


June 8, 2021

(2.0 CLE hours)

2:00 PM: We will be discussing the two currently pending large-scale railroad mergers: CSX with Pan Am Railways, which involves the network of lines serving New England and Canada; and Kansas City Southern with either Canadian Pacific or Canadian National, a deal that would create a railroad of unprecedented geographical reach, spanning Mexico, the US, and Canada. The current rules governing railroad mergers of this scope have not been tested in the 20 years since they went into effect, and these proposed deals present a wide range of issues and angles to explore. Join our panel to learn more about the historic import of these mergers and their implications for the North American rail network.

Daniel R. Elliott, Daniel Elliott PLLC, Washington, DC
Katherine Bourdon, Kaplan Kirsch & Rockwell, LLP, Washington, DC
Pete A. Pfohl, Slover and Loftus LLP, Washington, DC
Ian S. MacKay, Barrister/Solicitor, Ottawa, ON (invited)


3:00 PM: Fireside Chat with Railroad General Counsels
Enjoy a robust conversation and a virtual cup of coffee with the General Counsels from different freight railroads to explore how they have managed change during the pandemic, the legal issues and policy direction that might arise in the new Administration, and what is keeping them up at night.
Ray Atkins, Sidley Austin LLP, Washington, DC
Kristin Bevil, General Counsel, Pioneer Railcorp., Greenwood Village, CO
Vanessa L. Allen Sutherland, Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer, Norfolk Southern Corp. Norfolk, VA
Craig Richardson, Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary, Union Pacific Railroad, Omaha, NE


June 15, 2021

(2 CLE hours)

2:00 PM: Modal Updates

Contributing Editors of the Association Highlights Blog, provide updates representing each of the modes in transportation: Aviation, Passenger Rail, Hazardous Materials, Labor, Maritime, Motor Carrier, and Railroads.

       Moderators: David H. Coburn, Steptoe & Johnson LLP, Washington, DC
                            Justin Marks, Clark Hill PLC, Washington, DC
       Aviation: Evan Kwarta, Condon Forsyth LLP, New York, NY
       Passenger Rail: Allison I. Fultz, Kaplan Kirsch & Rockwell LLP, Washington, DC
       HazMat Robin M. Rotman and Ani M. Esenyan, Van Ness Feldman LLP, Washington, DC
       Labor: Robert Fried, Practus LLP, CA 
       Maritime: Katie Matison, Lane Powell, PC, Seattle, WA
       Motor: Jameson Rice, Holland & Knight LLP, Tampa FL
       Rail: Sally Mordi, Steptoe & Johnson LLP, Washington, DC


June 22, 2021

(2 CLE hours)

1:50 PM: General Business Session I: Slate of Nominees for ATLP Board of Directors

2:00 PM: Keeping Up With the Joneses

The panel will discuss regulatory requirements governing the transport by water of cargo between U.S. locations, including the Jones Act and the ICC Termination Act, and will discuss government and private sector efforts to develop and expand coastwise shipping in the United States.
Wayne R. Rohde, Cozen O’Connor LLP, Washington, DC
Jeff R. Vogel, Cozen O’Connor LLP, Washington, DC

Dr. Sal Mercogliano, Associate Professor of History, Campbell University, Buies Creek, NC


3:00 PM: The Boeing 737 MAX Crisis: Causes and Consequences

Join us for a discussion of the causes of the two crashes of Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, the common link between the crashes, problems with the 737 MAX certification process, and what the 737 MAX crisis means for the future aircraft certification processes in the United States.
Evan Kwarta, Condon & Forsyth LLP, New York, NY 
Steven MarksPodhurst Orseck PA, Miami, FL
Kristina M. InfantePodhurst Orseck PA, Miami, FL


June 29, 2021

(2 – 2.5 CLE hours)

2:00 PM: Motor Carrier Topics – Policy, Litigation, Safety and Enforcement
Last summer, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Motor Carrier Safety Advisory Committee discussed the possibility of regulating lighter trucks and vans, such as those often used for package delivery, which are not currently federal regulated by the FMCSA. The first half of this motor carrier panel will discuss big hypothetical topic like dramatically expanding the scope of the FMCSA, as well as other trends, topics and what is on the horizon from a safety and enforcement perspective, along with practical day-to-day safety enforcement issues stemming from recent changes in FMCSA regulations. The second half of the panel will discuss recent litigation in the industry, as well as policy topics affecting motor carrier legislation and regulation.
Jameson Rice, Holland & Knight LLP, Tampa, FL
Scott Stratton, Safety Consultant (Former USDOT/FMCSA Compliance Program Manager and Investigator (Alabama))
Rich Pianka, Deputy General Counsel, American Trucking Associations; Chief Counsel, ATA Litigation Center


3:00 PM: Where does integration of automated vehicles stand and can the NHTSA, FAA, and their Canadian counterparts work together to plot the course?
Automated Vehicles in Freight Networks: Considerations for the Transportation Attorney Automated cars, trucks and aircraft – once the stuff of science fiction – are now a reality and making inroads in the freight transportation industry. Attorneys will be increasingly involved in advising on the deployment of these vehicles and their integration into B2B and B2C delivery networks. Learn about recent regulatory developments and rules issued by the FAA with regard to the operation of unmanned aircraft, NHTSA’s NPRM on Automated Driving System Safety, and USDOT’s Automated Vehicles Comprehensive Plan for the integration of automated driving systems into our existing transportation system.

This panel will provide a general update on these developments, the novel legal issues that they present, and the likely roles that transportation attorneys will play during this period of rapid technological development.

Jason Tutrone, Thompson Hine LLP, Washington, DC
Louis Amato-Gauci, Miller Thomson LLP, Toronto, ON 
Tim Goodman, Thompson Hine LLP, Washington, DC
Grant J. Guillot, Adams & Reese LLP, Baton Rouge, LA
Edona C. Vila, Borden Ladner Gervais, LLP, Toronto, ON
4:00 PM: General Business Session II

New Officers’ Installment 2021-2022, Passing of the Gavel, Presidential Address

92nd Annual Meeting Adjourned